13 Aug 2016

Fouseytube EXPOSED – fake prank video from 2013!

Fouseytube, a YouTube prankster with over 9 million subscribers, has been exposed as posting a staged fake prank in 2013. In this video titled “CHEATING GF PRANK FAKE!?“, Fouseytube is using his friend Ahmed to

Natural Born Pranksters Fake
02 Apr 2016

Natural Born Pranksters is fake! Scene Exposed with Proof

Vitalyzdtv is no stranger to faking a prank. He once had a prank named “Stealing Girlfriends prank” that was later deleted, and was later discovered to use an actor. He had another video titled “How

H3H3 Exposed
28 Mar 2016

h3h3productions Exposed

Ethan from h3h3productions is a hypocrite in more than 1 way – mainly because he makes similar jokes and occasionally bullies people just like LeafyisHere does. Ethan has made fun of people himself in his

18 Mar 2016

Sex Noises in a Library Prank (Part 6)

In typical Infrabrenfashion, Brennan has entered another local library to cause and make mischievous noises. Other patrons busy reading their novels and textbooks or studying have no idea whats going on. Part 5 of this

18 Mar 2016

Inappropriate Interview Prank

Infamous trolling duo Infrabren is back here with an interview. His interview seems harmless at first, but can be interpreted in an inappropriate way. His questions are asked in a funny way, and his microphone

05 Feb 2016

Prankinvasion Kissing Prank Cops Edition is FAKE! Exposed Again

Chris from Prankinvasion has a long history of faking pranks. Here’s another fake prank he had made recently according to The Prank Reviewer. In his newest video, he proves himself to be fake yet again

MysticGotJokes Fake Pranks
25 Jan 2016

MysticGotJokes is fake! PROOF

MysticGotJokes is a prank channel on YouTube, infamous for does over-the-top ideas with unrealistic reactions. He typically pranks supposedly unsuspecting people which include instagram-famous models and aspiring actresses. A passer-by recognized Mystic filming a video,

Cholo lost in Hawaii Prank 76.33%
25 Jan 2016

Cholo lost in Hawaii Prank

Similar to his other prank called Winter Clothes in Hawaii, TPS tries to pull off another character in the islands but this time being a cholo. His unorthodox behaviors, accents, and funny “cholo” acting makes

25 Jan 2016

Winter Clothes in Hawaii Prank

The average temperature in Hawaii all-year is between 78 degrees and 85 degrees, meaning on average it doesn’t even get to room temperature in the coldest seasons. You’ll never need heavy winter gear to stay

Steven Fernandez arrested
19 Dec 2015

Youtuber Steven Fernandez arrested for sexual exploitation of a 12 year old girl

15 year old YouTube prankster Steven Fernandez (AKA Baby Scumbag) was arrested for sexual assault with a 12 year old girl. He was involved in a plot that involved his 27 year old friend and