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Comment Trolling in Vegas (Part 5) – By EpicfiveTV

A new EpicFiveTV video. Stop whatever meaningless activity you’ve been repeatedly doing for the past hour, sit back, and watch this video. Netflix isn’t even close to as good as this. Seriously. It’s EpicFiveTV… And Part 5 of his Youtube Comments series is hilarious. He’s done these comment troll videos before, but the more the merrier as this is a classic youtube prank video genre. As usual, he grabs comments submitted by the viewers, and chooses the funniest and weirdest ones to say to strangers out and about at the Vegas strip.

Editor's Rating

Funny 9.0
Realistic 9.3
Ruben's strengths include believable acting, something very few prank channels can accomplish. Varying but good reactions from his usual crazy comments