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Embarrassing Briefcase prank (part 3) – by Infrabren Prank Videos

Some good things come to an end. ┬áLuckily, other good (and especially great) things don’t. Part 2 of Infrabren’s Embarrassing Briefcase video series was good. This part can be simply described as utterly great. That means the next great thing that thankfully hasn’t come to an end is this YouTube prank series by the Youtube prank master himself Infrabren.

Additional note to self: If you see a guy in a pink dress shirt and tie on his cellphone somewhere on the beach with a briefcase, expect the unexpected when his briefcase opens up and spills its contents for everyone to see. He’s clearly just going to work. The funniest segment so far of the Embarrassing Briefcase series is here.

Editor's Rating

Funny 8.9
Realistic 9.4
Excellent acting as always from Infrabren. The briefcase in this segment catches a lot of attention and has many more funny reactions than last time.