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Trolling Prank Video – By Infrabren Youtube Pranks

Infrabren’s general public trolling video is called Fooling Around in Hollywood. He goes through his different crazy “acts” of making weird noises and weird faces in public, as well as making random statements to people who have no idea what’s going on. All of these are great, and most of the reactions are funny since the people being trolled in the prank video are mostly confused. Watch this one for a tutorial on “how to randomly do random people in public” because it’ll show you the tips and tricks on how to get hilarious reactions out of people.

Editor's Rating

Funny 8.4
Realistic 8.3
Even though the acting wasnt as good as his other videos, Infrabren keeps it trucking in this one decently. The acts were funny even though they werent believable, and the confused reactions from people were good