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Funny Bathroom Prank Video – by BookofKen

If someone asks for toilet paper in the stall next to you  the next time you’re in a public bathroom stall, be cautious. It might be some guy smearing something  on you. Or maybe its Nutella. Yeah we will go with that. Either way, Youtuber BookofKen is back with part 2 of his “Wiping Stuff on People” series where he wipes Nutella on people who then freak out. Just remember that the next time you enter a public restroom, ignore anyone who asks for anything when you’re at a public bathroom. That might be the safest course of action.

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There is a really good reaction where the guy freaks out makes this one worth watching.. This bathroom prank video idea is also one of the original ideas from this channel as well. BookofKen essentially created this genre which I hope to see more of from him and other pranksters.