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MysticGotJokes is fake! PROOF

MysticGotJokes is a prank channel on YouTube, infamous for does over-the-top ideas with unrealistic reactions. He typically pranks supposedly unsuspecting people which include instagram-famous models and aspiring actresses. A passer-by recognized Mystic filming a video, and decided to film it all. He noticed that the Mystic was acting as a director and essentially directing the actors (who are supposed to be portrayed as unsuspecting people in public in the video). See the video embedded below for the full filming of Mystic making a fake prank behind the scenes, as well as an explanation of what the person witnessed:

This is only 1 video proven fake. However, MysticGotJokes is a channel that has been long suspected of creating fake and staged videos. In every video, Mystic claims to prank his “girlfriend” yet it is a different girl whom is an aspiring actress (shocker) or instgram wannabe model. Its just funny how every single girl is the same, and they all have an over-the-top reaction to his non-believable prank.