Fake Pranks Exposed

Prankinvasion Kissing Prank Cops Edition is FAKE! Exposed Again

Chris from Prankinvasion has a long history of faking pranks. Here’s another fake prank he had made recently according to The Prank Reviewer. In his newest video, he proves himself to be fake yet again with even more proof. You can see all the rental cop cars available in his area on this site. This service also provides police actors, some of which can be seen in Prankinvasion’s video. The left rear side of the cop car has a distinct mark on the sticker, and the car in most of the scenes is the same as seen in the unique number stickers on the top and trunk lid of the car. Both images seen below are screenshots from the video show these mishaps which lead to this video being exposed:
prankinvasion fake kissing prank

prankinvasion fake kissing prank cars