Fake Pranks Exposed

Roman Atwood has his Prank Exposed for being FAKE!

Roman Atwood posted a fake prank 2 years ago on his pranks youtube channel.  The video is called “Attacked by ferrari owner – pee prank” where he’s seen supposedly peeing on someones Ferrari.
An NBC affiliate based in Louisville, Kentucky (where this prank was filmed) did an investigation and had a source involved in the prank tell them how this prank was staged and fake. The source told them – “Roman and his crew including Tom Mabe borrowed the sports car from the luxury dealer right across the street” (which is called Bluegrass Automotive) and that they didnt just walk up and find this car. Plus, the source told NBC that that they didnt go far from the place that they borrowed the car from. Searching the dealer, you can see exactly where the prank was filmed: directly across the street from the luxury car dealer. You can see this in the picture below:

Roman Atwood filmed his fake prank across the street from the dealer that he borrowed the Ferrari from. The red square highlights the sign of the park – Arthur K Draught Park.

Roman Atwood fake pranks

Ferrari was filmed across the street from the dealer. Distance between park and the dealer visualized here.

roman atwood fake prank exposed

Ferrari was filmed across the street from the dealer. Distance between park and the dealer visualized in this image here.

Also, the Ferrari in the video is seen parked in a handicap spot in a nearly empty parking lot at a small local park, that just screams fake.

To further add details about Tom Mabe – Tom Mabe is fellow youtube prankster and is a good friend of Roman, and helped organize and stage the prank according the strong sources NBC had. Tom supposedly owns a Porsche from the dealer, and is a customer of Bluegrass Automotive. They got permission from the owner of the Ferrari from this dealership to use it in the clip.

Park from video seen in this Google Maps image next to Bluegrass Automotive Luxury car dealership.

Last, the stongest proof to prove this is fake is that NBC actually contacted the police of the area to get more details (since what Roman supposedly did in the video is a criminal act). When asked by NBC. the police detectives had so much info on this video (and were so convinced it’s staged) they didn’t even bother to investigate the video. They told NBC they know its staged. Roman Atwood has been widely suspected of making fake pranks and this is Roman’s first indisputably confirmed fake prank by an reputable news organized and confirmed to be staged by local law enforcement.