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Youtuber Steven Fernandez arrested for exploitation of a 12 year old girl

15 year old YouTube prankster Steven Fernandez (AKA Baby Scumbag) was arrested for sexual assault with a 12 year old girl. He was involved in a plot that involved his 27 year old friend and 35 year old manager. The Los Angeles Police Department just made his name and case public because they fear there are more victims. Allegedly, Steven promised he’d introduce his victim to “big name celebrities” in exchange for sexual acts. We’re told the girl agreed and a sexual act was committed.
LAPD officers said they arrested Fernandez and 2 adults. The other adults arrested were his own manager Jose Barajas and 27-year-old Keelan Dadd who was Steven’s friend. All 3 were arrested for sexual exploitation of a 12-year-old. An interesting twist in the whole story involves whats coming out of Steven’s legal camp. Essentially, Steven’s defense is that his own manager and friend preyed on his celebrity status and took advantage of it to assault others. An attorney for Steven said the 15-year-old was victimized by Barajas and Dadd whom preyed on Steven’s celebrity status and that “not all of the facts of the investigation have been laid out” yet.

Steven Fernandez Arrested mugshot 2017

Steven Fernandez was arrested in November. Pictured is Steven’s mugshot at the time of his arrest.